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Gilbert hardly noticed the others voice, beckoning him to respond. He didn't respond to the faint voice that had pulled him just a bit further from his thoughts, instead wiping away the tears on his red cheeks, tears still on his white eyelashes regardless of his trying to remove them.

He stayed at his window, eyes locked on the outside world, a view which he knew would be taken from him in only a matter of minutes or less. He felt his heart beat beginning to quicken as he heard the footsteps come closer to the locked room, it was always intimidating to hear the other coming to gather him, as it never seemed to be a good sign.

He felt himself slowly shrink back into his blanket, huddling up as best as he could, defiance not a clear thought in his mind at this point. He wondered if the other would simply talk with him inside of his tiny prison cell of a room, or take him to another room, likely to punish him for something he'd not done.

He held a tight grip on his heavy cross as he tried to stop being afraid of his impending torture, focusing on a small rabbit outside of his window, one who looked much like himself.

He watched it shake and hop about, outside in the free as he wished to be, but still stuck in this deserted wasteland, not knowing of a broader world outside of his reach...

Gilbert decided that fearing his torture was probably a safer plan than thinking philosophically on a rabbit who happened to look similar to him, though he couldn't help cringe at the resemblance as the bunny hopped off into the woods
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