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2012-09-17 08:26 pm
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Hetalia-M-What Divides Us- ChipTea

A palm pressed against the icy window, the window, though covered in ice, was easily seen through, no fog covering the inside as there was no warmth to create it. The inside of the house was almost colder than the world that surrounded it, as it was almost as old and broken as the land itself.

The man sitting behind the cold window was frail, as if he'd been malnourished, his alabaster skin was framed by his colourless hair, making him almost no different from the snow outside. The only difference was his bright crimson eyes, still full of fire though it was obviously dimmer than it once had been. He was ancient, trapped inside of a young but broken body, confined to a house which wasn't his.

He was trapped in every way there was, away from his country, away from everything he'd once known, with the knowledge that even if he wasn't trapped, there was nothing remaining of his old world to return to. Save for one person who he wasn't allowed contact with, his brother.

He'd tried to contact him, taking every chance he could to run out to the barrier that blocked his contact, screaming at it and writing all along it. He would sit down and cry in front of it, he was so weak now, and he knew it.

The only person, now, to keep him company was his captor, the one who tormented him with sweet words, and brutal punishments. He felt himself slowly breaking, just as the man who tormented him had done so long ago, deteriorating until all that would be left was a broken shell of the man he once was.

He stared longingly out the window, tears rolling down his cheeks without his noticing it. He was huddled up in a small blanket that looked so huge when around his small frame. His red eyes stared off into the distance, not noticing his surroundings anymore.
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2012-09-16 01:08 am
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Hetalia-M-Highschool AU-A Diamond In The Rough- CherryTea

The crowded hallways of the grand highschool seemed so full of life and energy, people jumping about in joy and despair as the relayed to their friends news, gossip, and stories of their previous day along with popular topics such as the homework that they'd forgotten to do for their advanced classes. But one of the most popular topics by far, spoken about by almost everyone in the school which tended to be very group based, was the "popular" kids, and their scandalous affairs.

The numerous break ups, and relationships that formed was always at the top of the list of "popular kid news", as many called it with distaste, next on the list would be who had been doing what at one of the multitudes of parties, and how many of the girls had gotten drunk and banged another guy. Then there were the blatant rumors that made their way into every aspect of the 'news'.

Most often though, the news was about a group called the Bad Touch Trio, featuring three boys named Francis, Antonio, and of course Gilbert. They were in the center of all of the popular groups, their popularity the highest in the school among both guys and girls.

A scoff could be heard from one of the members of the bad touch trio as he made his way down the hall, his alabaster skin making him already so much different from the other students in the school, but on top of that he had crimson eyes with hair just as white as his skin.

He walked to his locker, slamming his fist into it to make it pop open, an effect that always seemed to make people find him 'cool' and nonchalant. Just as he wanted them to find him. A smirk formed on his face as he went through sentences in his head, how would he greet his 'friends' today? Would he do well? He had to give himself support every morning just to face the rest of the school, and to keep up his act of perpetual cockiness.

He noticed two of his friends, the only true ones out of the group of popular kids that he had to endure, walking towards him, though stopping to grab girls' and a few guy's butts before finally reaching him.

They quickly made a conversation, babbling on about the cute girls they'd been with the previous night, and how much it had 'hurt' them to break the girl's hearts after having their ways. Quickly though the conversation turned in Gilbert's direction, asking why he hadn't been with a girl or a guy the night before, as it always did.

After a few minutes of being interrogated, Gilbert managed to run off, finding a quiet corner of the school to reevaluate himself in, not noticing that there were a few small groups of unknown people around him.