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A palm pressed against the icy window, which, though covered in ice, was easily seen through, no fog covering the inside as there was no warmth to create it. The inside of the house was almost colder than the world that surrounded it, as it was almost as old and broken as the land itself.

The man sitting behind the cold window was frail, as if he'd been malnourished, his alabaster skin was framed by his colourless hair, making him almost no different from the snow outside. The only difference was his bright crimson eyes, still full of fire though it was obviously dimmer than it once had been. He was ancient, trapped inside of a young but broken body, confined to a house which wasn't his.

He was trapped in every way there was, away from his country, away from everything he'd once known, with the knowledge that even if he wasn't trapped, there was nothing remaining of his old world to return to. Save for one person who he wasn't allowed contact with, his brother.

He'd tried to contact him, taking every chance he could to run out to the barrier that blocked his contact, screaming at it and dreaming that he would be let over it, or that it might be torn down, as he had been over the decades. He would sit down and cry in front of it, he was so weak now, and he knew it.

The only person, now, to keep him company was his captor, the one who tormented him with sweet words, and brutal punishments. He felt himself slowly breaking, just as the man who tormented him had done so long ago, deteriorating until all that would be left was a broken shell of the man he once was.

He stared longingly out the window, tears rolling down his cheeks without his noticing it. He was huddled up in a small blanket that looked so huge when around his small frame, scarlet eyes staring off into the distance, his awareness slowly fading, and guard letting itself down.

When the time came, he was so lost in his own thoughts that he hardly noticed a large hand resting upon his shoulder, shaking him gently from his trance. Slowly he turned to the owner of the massive hand, resisting his urge to seem overly affected, and shove the other from him. It would only satisfy the other to see his disgust and fear.

Violet eyes observed him with interest, a childish expression on his face along with a sweet smile, which only widened at the sight of the other's cold tears.

"I do not see what satisfaction you gain from staring out of the window, it serves only to upset you it seems~" the giant told the frail man who was so far beneath him. Though his sweet tone would lead one to believe that he himself was a sweet man, but that was far from the truth.

This man, Ivan Braginski, was well known to be sadistic and cruel. Rarely did he feel remorse for hurting someone other than himself, and if one was to cross him even by accident, it would not be overlooked. He took absolutely every opportunity to punish those who dared cross him, the ruthlessness of the punishment depending on his mood.

Scarlet met lilac with slight fire, "What do you want?" he asked, hand slowly moving to grip the cross that he wore constantly, a symbol that reminded him why he still lived, and why he held on to life when he could very well have just given up

Ivan shifted his weight from foot to foot, face maintaining the same expression that it rarely lost, "It is my house, is it not? I may do as i wish without being hassled for it." he replied calmly, taking in the flash of anger that crossed the other's eyes, but was soon forced out.

"I asked you what you wanted from me, not what you're doing." he pursued, knowing that it would be a small victory for himself to get the other not to avoid the question. He could see the other tense in visible agitation that the other was determined to get an answer from him.

The larger of the two decided to let the other win this battle, as he knew that he himseld had already won the war, and that was more than enough satisfaction to suffice for taking just one small victory.

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