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A palm pressed against the icy window, the window, though covered in ice, was easily seen through, no fog covering the inside as there was no warmth to create it. The inside of the house was almost colder than the world that surrounded it, as it was almost as old and broken as the land itself.

The man sitting behind the cold window was frail, as if he'd been malnourished, his alabaster skin was framed by his colourless hair, making him almost no different from the snow outside. The only difference was his bright crimson eyes, still full of fire though it was obviously dimmer than it once had been. He was ancient, trapped inside of a young but broken body, confined to a house which wasn't his.

He was trapped in every way there was, away from his country, away from everything he'd once known, with the knowledge that even if he wasn't trapped, there was nothing remaining of his old world to return to. Save for one person who he wasn't allowed contact with, his brother.

He'd tried to contact him, taking every chance he could to run out to the barrier that blocked his contact, screaming at it and writing all along it. He would sit down and cry in front of it, he was so weak now, and he knew it.

The only person, now, to keep him company was his captor, the one who tormented him with sweet words, and brutal punishments. He felt himself slowly breaking, just as the man who tormented him had done so long ago, deteriorating until all that would be left was a broken shell of the man he once was.

He stared longingly out the window, tears rolling down his cheeks without his noticing it. He was huddled up in a small blanket that looked so huge when around his small frame. His red eyes stared off into the distance, not noticing his surroundings anymore.

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The heavyset man paused a few steps away from the wooden door, his metal tipped boots' footsteps being muffled by the crunching produced by the thick layer of snow that paved the earth around him. He turned around for a moment and savored the landscape. Even though it was an icy barren land with only him and a few other people living in the rural for the next couple of miles it was still a lovely sight. Well, at it was all beautiful at least to him. Nothing but white, a single trail of footsteps of which were his own, and the occasional dark silhouette of a tree... However, the man he 'shared' the house with couldn't think any poorer of it than he already did.

The obnoxious ruffling of the man's scarf in the wind brought him back to focus. With a shivering huff he grasped the knob of the door with a gloved hand and pushed as hard as he could. A gust of cold air behind him made sure he wasted no time in entering the house and closing the door. Almost seconds after he entered the house his scarf-wrapped face was brought from an undecorated white to a beat red, the sudden warmth giving a tingling sensation to his near frostbitten cheeks. A smile appeared behind the cloth that was snugly wrapped around his neck as he adjusted it, exposing his more of his face to the heat of the fire that was lit near the entrance.

"Gilbert?" He called out calmly, slipping the leather gloves off of his hands with calloused fingertips. It was more of a passive aggressive warning rather than questioning if he was around. He knew, response or not, that he was there. He had made sure there was no escape when he wasn't home. When he left for his walks he kept Gilbert in a tiny room on the second floor at the end of a hall, the room furthest away from the large intricate fireplace that warmed most of the mansion. The sturdily built man strolled over to the stairway and began walking up with every step groaning from the pressure of his heavy boots and weight, his hand trailing on the railing absentmindidly.

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